We can transfer virtually any media file format to 2K D-Cinema MXF format. The best quality will be obtained from media files that are already approximately 2K in size (1080p) and at 24fps (frames per second). File formats in lower resolution and/or at 30fps will be enlarged and converted to 2K 24fps. If you would like to obtain samples of our DCP encodes, please email us at the email address below and we will send you a link to download 2 or 3 spots to check quality and compatibility. Note that we exclusively use the JPEG 2000 compression (not MPEG-2) to be compatible with virtually any system.

D-Cinema Encoding Service

Convert ads, trailers, short films, music videos, still pictures, to D-Cinema Jpeg2000 MXF format that can be uploaded to your Digital Cinema Server and programmed before the feature. Our service is an inexpensive, easy method to convert student and contest films for use in film festivals.

Even if you own DCP software, it can be a time-consuming process making sure files and audio are encoded properly, especially if they need to be resized or frame rates need to be changed. You probably have better things to do with your time!! We encode all material at 24fps, Jpeg2000 MXF to conform trouble-free to virtually all D-Cinema Servers.


Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive rates possible so there is never a financial barrier to adding local ads, short films, concession or gift card plugs, policy trailers, etc. to your feature. Rates are for conversion from media files such as Quicktime, Windows Media, Mpeg, DVD, etc. Sorry, we cannot work from physical film, such as old policy trailers on 35mm.. Price includes upload to our server so you can FTP download the finished DCP to put onto your own flash drive or emailing the DCP to you by Filemail, Dropbox, etc. If downloading is a problem, we can provide files on physical media (Flash drives, Hard Drives, etc.) for a small additional charge. If you need both flat and scope versions, they will be charged separately. This is due to the time necessary for the conversion and the time to upload onto the server. Please note rates are PER SUBJECT and Flat and Scope versions will incur a separate charge. WE SPECIALIZE IN SHORT SUBJECT FILMS - WE HAVE NO MINIMUM CHARGES AND NO SETUP FEES!


Up to 30 seconds - $39 (3D add 15%)

Up to 60 seconds - $69 (3D add 15%)

Add $35 for each 60 second length per subject up to 5 minutes. Over 5 minutes add only $20 per minute, over 10 minutes add only $5 minute!

We can also encode in 4K for a 40% premium to the above rates. However, unless your material originates at 4K, there will be no quality advantage.

































We recommend using Filemail, a free service for emailing large files. Simply go to www.filemail.com and follow the instructions to upload your file(s). We can also go through Dropbox or any other file sharing service you may already use. Just let us know what is most convenient for you!

Our email is preshow@preshowproductions.com or you can use sidverbal@gmail.com

You can also arrange to send us the material on a DVD or USB flash drive, or upload it directly onto our server through FTP. Please email us for the FTP information. Our mailing address is:

PreShow Productions, 15811 Wolf Creek, San Antonio, TX 78232